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Business Continuity Specialists.
Planning & Exercises
Planning and scenario based exercises for organisations of all sizes.
Continuity Software Platform
A cloud platform to manage, expose and analyse plans when needed.


We specialise in Business Continuity.
We help organisations protect their businesses through planning, exercising and software.

Business Continuity Planning starts with a maturity assessment of your current programme and is then a recommendation is made according to your ambitions, timescales and budgets.
Business Continuity Exercises are a great way improve your plans and flush out areas of weakness. They are also good for team-building and rehearsing in a safe, experiential environment.
Our Business Continuity Platform carries out analysis and planning, provides key dashboards and ensures your plans can react to emerging situations 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

BCP Maturity

Our baseline audit tools guide our interaction with you and dictate where your efforts are best focused.

Planning - 70% Complete
Exercises - 50% Complete
Resilience - 40% Complete



World class consultants assess and test resilience based on people, processes & technology.


Plan how to recover critical processes quickly to protect your revenues, compliance and brand.


Desktop, scenario-driven exercises to engage and train staff whilst evolving plans and capabilities.

BC Cloud Platform

Use our cloud offering to assess, design, plan, implement and test your business continuity plans.


Continuity247 is a software as a service (SAAS) that captures the "genetics" of your business.


It guides you through and structures your Business Impact Analysis (BIA) across every business process.


C247 securely stores and manages all you plans and makes them available wherever and whenever needed on any mobile device.

Lift Off

Continuity247 delivers an incredibly powerful management dashboard to help your team react to incidents.

Workplace Recovery

C247 builds your Business Continuity Plans and generates robust Workplace Recovery Plans automatically.

Real World

Continuity247 is used daily by some of the worlds most challenging businesses, and organisations, to reduce risk, increase resilience and react to incidents.


Imagination is more important than knowledge.
-Albert Einstein

We provide end to end strategies and solutions including
consultancy, exercises and our own BC software platform.

We are a dynamic company and we only specialise in the development of Business Continuity Strategies and Solutions.


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We work with
a wide variety of businesses
in a range of sectors.

Our first priority is to understand you and your business challenges. Once we are talking success is driven by our security cleared professionals, their integrity and their indepth knowledge of risk.


If you would like to discuss your requirements
please feel free to get in contact with us to see if we can help.

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